Coach Ricklan Holmes says what he saw in scrimmage game makes him optimistic

John Tyler Holmes

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - John Tyler’s new QB is Cameron Ford a tremendous athlete who showed his moxie in last week’s scrimmage held in the metroplex. Coach Ricklan Holmes explains what he saw in the scrimmage that makes him optimistic on the 2019 season.

“We found out were really good at certain things we already knew we were good at. And then through the course of our practicin’ before the scrimmage we made some corrections to some things we weren’t so good at, and displayed we could be good at during the scrimmage," he said.

How intense do you want your guys to be early in the week of opening season anyway?

“Always Monday through Thursday practice time is the most intense time because Friday that’s fun. That’s game day you put in the work during the week you have fun execute on game day. So there’s no sense being uptight no sense of being angry or no sense of being that yourself know what you’re doing get it done.”

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