East Texas Ag News: The benefits of mulching during hot, dry months

East Texas Ag News

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - When watering your lawns during this hot weather, you’ll want to do it early in the morning.

Otherwise, much of the water will evaporate from the grass before the plants get to use it.

To further avoid excess evaporation county extension agents in Overton suggest using a sprinkler that produces large drops of water instead of a fine mist.

To conserve moisture in your landscape, check the thickness of the mulch around your shrubs, flowers and newly planted trees.

Unmulched soils can reach more than 1-hundred degrees which is hot enough to kill roots.

Mulched soils can be up to 10 degrees cooler. In addition to keeping the soil temperature lower, mulches conserve water by reducing evaporation sometimes up to 65 percent. And as an added benefit mulch also reduces weeds with compete with your plants for water.

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