Removal team working to move bats out of downtown Lufkin building

Updated: Sep. 3, 2019 at 5:29 PM CDT
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Removal team working to move bats out of downtown Lufkin building

, Texas (KTRE) - Over the next two weeks, a team will work to remove bats that have moved into a downtown Lufkin building.

Last year the former frameworks building on Cotton Square caught on fire. Since then, thousands of bats have made the building their home.

“It’s a one-way door for them. yes ma’am. They can go out, but they cannot go back in,” said Scott Brooks, a field technician for Wildlife X Team, who installed a system to help move the bats out.

He explains mating season for bats ended on August 31. Now, they are in process of exclusion of the bats by setting up a check valve.

“It is a one-way system that we use where the bats can still use their main highway that they know of their ins and outs and they leave the building,” Brooks said.

But the bats cannot re-enter.

"They have to refuge somewhere else. Its time to relocate," Brooks said.

The team will spend the next two weeks evicting the bats from the building and closing entrances.

“The young have grown. They are flying now. They can feed and forge theirselves. So once they leave the check valves, then they’re pretty much on their own. Mother Nature will take its course then,” Brooks said.

For residents and neighboring businesses, it will be a sign of relief not having to deal with the constant smell of guano, the piles of bat feces that have dropped onto the ground.

“The problem is you walk in and out, get that bat guano on your feet, and bring into your house,” said Charlie Becker, owner of the Becker Gallery in Downtown Lufkin.

Another business said the smell flows in and out.

“It’s seemingly a little worse when the wind is blowing because it wafts around even more. Fortunately, we don’t have a whole lot of wind in the Lufkin area all the time, but the smell is overpowering at times,” said Trey Allen, brew headmaster with the Angelina Brewing Company.

The team said six bat houses have been placed to help evict the bats. They may add more bat houses to trap and release as needed.

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