Angelina County Airport to get game fence to keep deer off runways

WEBXTRA: Angelina County Airport to install game fence to keep deer off runways

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County airport will soon get upgrades on campus.

Officials said a game fence will be installed on the 600 acre property.

The game fence, which will help keep deer away from runways.

Airport Manager Gary Letney said the project will be paid for with grants from the state and the Federal Aviation Administration. The grants total $1.38 million. The county will fund 10 percent of that amount.

“The headlights on planes are aimed down on the runway, so they’re not aimed further down and just as they’re landing their headlights come up to the runway and it’s too late,” Letney said.

Funding for the project is expected to clear by early 2020. The game fence is expected to be complete by late next year.

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