East Texas Ag News: Using stockpiled perennials for feeding cattle

East Texas Ag News

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - We’re looking at ways you can use standing or stockpiled perennials.

This is from county extension agents in Overton. They say you can consider them for a different winter feeding approach for cows.

These forages are allowed to accumulate in the field for grazing during fall and early winter. Stockpiled bermuda grass can provide the required nutrition for dry, pregnant cows, if you follow the appropriate procedure.

You should plan on providing between 45 and 60 days of grazing with the dormant bermuda grass. In most cases, stockpiled bermuda grass should be used up by January. Once it’s completely grazed, you can shift to another winter feeding option such as cool season forages or hay.

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