East Texas Ag News: How to enrich gardening soil

East Texas Ag News: How to enrich gardening soil

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - One of the secrets to successful flowers and vegetables is growing them in a soil, rich in organic matter.

But according to county extension agents in Overton, most native soils are short of these ingredients.

One quick way to enrich garden soil is to purchase it ready-made for you. Some of the products available at garden centers include compost products like peat moss, cotton waste and finely ground pine bark.

It’s hard to add too much organic matter since it breaks down and should be replenished every time the soil is worked. However, every fall there’s plenty of organic matter you can use that’s right under your feet.

Instead of raking and disposing leaves as they begin to fall off of the trees, you can turn the leaves into free organic matter for your garden by composting them.

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