VIDEO: John Tyler, Longview game to be broadcast on ESPN2

VIDEO: ESPN crews prepare for broadcast of Longview, John Tyler game

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Two proud and historical football programs will have a national stage Thursday night to showcase what we here in East Texas see every week.

The match-up between John Tyler and Longview will be aired on ESPN2 and preparations were underway at the Rose Stadium on Thursday. The ESPN2 production crew got there early and were putting together everything that needs to be done for a well-executed live sports program.

While they work to ensure tonight’s broadcast will go on without a hitch, both coaches, John Tylers’ coach Ricklan Holmes and Longview’s coach John King, hope their teams are ready.

“My hope, my prayer is that my team shows up and gives the same amount of effort that I know Longview’s going to give to win a football game,” said Holmes. "They have a great quarterback. Defensive is playing great. Offensively they gonna be who they gonna be.

“Don’t listen to the noise about their record and start comparing scores, that doesn’t matter. This is Longview vs John Tyler,” said King. “Regardless of how many games either team has won, we know its gonna be a 48-minute tough battle to come out there victorious.”

The game will take place at the Rose Stadium, and while Robert E. Lee has nothing to do with the game, they feel highly represented along with all the high school football coaches of East Texas.

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