Hollywood Motorcycles modifies bikes with passion

Hollywood Motorcycles modifies bikes with passion

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -An Australian man got a taste of East Texas hospitality.

A Nacogdoches couple who owns a motorcycle shop made upgrades to his bike blending both Australian and American cultures.

“When you’re on a motorbike, a lot of people don’t stop for bikers you know,” said Kip Sly.

More than a year ago Sly’s former bike broke down. It happened in Clayton, TX--- just a couple miles outside of Carthage.

“You find good people every where but I found so many good ones in one small space and all in one day,” Sly said.

To Kip’s surprise, he found east Texas hospitality.

A Clayton couple drove kip with his bike to Nacogdoches in hopes to fix it.

“To have that happened it was something totally unexpected but nice,” Sly said.

And although let go of the broken bike, Kip met the owners of Hollywood Motorcycle.

“Happened to meet these people who were able to build the bike of my dreams and getting the paint works correct took us about 4 months,” Sly said.

The bike is a 1996 Fatboy Harley Davidson. Debbie and Hollywood Hyatt customized the bike to blend American and Australian cultures.

They added kangaroos on the side, a flag, the American Bald Eagle and Kip’s favorite actor John Wayne.

“We have no problems with helping somebody out that’s especially traveling through,” Debbie said.

Debbie explains for those in the biking culture, it’s just East Texans being east Texans.

“It’s heartwarming to know there’s people go out of there way to help,” Sly said.

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