ETX veterinarian weighs in on CBD oil for pets

CBD For Pets: What You Need To Know

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -Some pet owners across East Texas are turning to a form of treatment containing CBD oil for their ailing pets.

GMET’s Brennon Gurley spoke with an East Texas veterinarian about how this could affect your furry friends.

CBD products, produced from the cannabis plant, are popping up everywhere, and in some pet foods.

Morris Anderson, Owner, American Shaman of Tyler, tells KLTV, “The treats itself the ingredients maybe a little different but as far as the CBD it's all natural, it's all the same.”

Anderson is the owner of American Shaman of Tyler, a CBD wellness shop. He is selling pet food infused with CBD.

We have the snacks, they also have dog food now, the tinctures that you can actually put under their tongue or put it in their water to drink,” explains Anderson.

He says people are seeking items like c-b-d for their pets because they want their animals to feel good as they age.

A lot of customers came in about their dogs being older, not moving around, they’ve given them the CBD and it actually perked them up, made them feel better,” says Anderson.

Pet CBD comes from the extract of a hemp or marijuana plant,but lacks the THC in marijuana that people use to get high.

Despite the growing popularity of CBD, it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.

At the end of the day it’s all natural. There are two plants: a hemp plant and there’s a marijuana plant. This is a plant that is high in CBD, low in THC.”

While Veterinarian Dr. Seth Shirey say says some of his clients swear by its results, there are not many studies that back up the claims of CBD working for pets.

I don’t care if it’s CBD oil or any other drug. When its brand new like this you’ve got to be paying attention. I mean you’ve got to be watching them like a hawk because there could be a lot of side effects,” says Dr. Shirey.

Dr. Seth Shirey is a Veterinarian at Starnes Animal Clinic in Tyler. He says pet owners will try about anything to keep their animals healthy.

I think people are desperately looking for that organic safe non-organic fix to their pet’s problem. I respect that, but that doesn’t mean you should use it because it’s organic.”

Doctor Shirey says he is not ruling out the positive effects, but warns pet owners to be on the lookout for possible side effects and believes more research needs to be done.

There is just not enough research to say one way or another, there just isn’t. Nobody has put in the time and money into doing the hard research,” says Dr. Shirey.

In Texas, veterinarians cannot recommend CBD to clients because the FDA hasn’t approved CBD as an animal drug so there’s no regulation.

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