City of Lufkin forms Census 2020 committee

City of Lufkin forms Census 2020 committee

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Officials nationwide are gearing up for Census 2020.

Leaders in Lufkin have formed a committee and are making plans to ensure everyone is counted.

A recent report released by the George Washington Institute of Public Policy shows that there are more smaller towns in United States compared to metropolitan areas such as Houston or Dallas.

Every ten years, the United States government counts the number of people living within certain geographic areas.

Those numbers determine everything from how many representatives a state sends to Washington to how much funding a state receives.

For example, in 2016, Texas received $59 billion dollars for programs directly used by Texans in programs such as WIC to the School Breakfast Program.

Census committee member Dorothy Wilson said, "How much money comes for food stamps, our highways how much money we get coming back for highway taxes that come back to the jurisdiction, reimbursements that go to our hospitals, portionments for colleges in our state."

Wilson also said census helps determine congressional representation again based on the number of head count.

“Well the biggest thing is that we want to make sure Texas has fair congressional representation and the electoral college that we get our fair share of representation for presidential elections,” Wilson said.

Census 2020 will kick off April 1.

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