Millard’s Crossing Historic Village host volunteer work day

Millard’s Crossing Historic Village host volunteer work day

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Volunteers came out to the Millard’s Crossing Historic Village in Nacogdoches to help clean up the property as part of their first volunteer workday.

Millard’s Crossing Historic Village was established by the late Lera Millard Thomas.

The village is eight acres of 19th Century East Texas architecture and displays log cabins and Victorian homes, which were moved from their original sites in efforts to preserve them, according to executive director Jessica Pinkert.

“Some of our houses are over 100 years old out here, our oldest one is 1837. So like any old house, they do need some repairs and work overtime. What we’re trying to do out here is just preserve our little chunk of history and keep things functioning like they should be,” said Pinkert.

Staff members hosted a workday for volunteers to do yard work and remove old structures from the property.

Pastor Kyle Lee of Corner Post Cowboy Church and his church members have also partnered with the village to help with volunteer projects.

“We talked with Jessica about just some of the things that were going on here at Miller’s Crossing. And one of the things she expressed was how a lot of times it was easy to get furnished things as far as supplies or materials, but one of the things that they really had trouble with was volunteer work and manpower. And so talking through that and asking her about that was one thing that we knew we can provide,” said Pastor Lee.

Pinkert said in order to help keep up with the buildings they are also in need of tools.

“We are always looking for tools to be donated. We actually have a shortage of most things, but I mean hammers, nails are things that we always use and are greatly appreciated because we have so many hands that want to help,” said Pinkert.

Most importantly, volunteers and staff members say their goal is to preserve the village for the community.

“And be able to teach especially younger people about the heritage of Nacogdoches County and the heritage that we live in. And just preserving things that you know a lot of people just throw away and feel like it’s junk nowadays. It’s very encouraging to see people want to step up and preserve that and want to do something for the community,” said Pastor Lee.

If you would like to volunteer, volunteer workdays are held on every third Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. to clean up the village.

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