Film of Lobos 1937 state win discovered

Film of Lobos 1937 state win discovered
Longview Lobos 1937 game footage discovered. (Source: KLTV, Charles Lebus)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - After the Longview Lobos football team took the state championship last year fans started talking about their first state win back in 1937. Some talked about how great it would be if there was film of that game.

Well, it turns out that there is.

David Cotham is an insurance agent in Longview, but he’s also the guy who is responsible for bringing to light some old film footage that a whole bunch of people want to see: The 1937 Lobos state football championship game against Wichita Falls.

It started not long after his son, Jeremy Cotham, was diagnosed with leukemia.

“And while Jeremy was battling leukemia during the chemo and radiation and therapy treatments he said I want to write a book about the history of the Longview Lobos,” David said.

Library research in old yearbooks lead him to interview game quarterback Frank Lebus’ son, Charles.

“Charles indicated to Jeremy that he thought might have some old 8 mm films of that state championship game at the Cotton Bowl,” David recalled.

Jeremy passed away in 2015 leaving others to finish his book which sold out quickly. The films were forgotten until:

“Longview won the state championship again,” David stated.

That jogged David’s memory and he asked Charlie about the films who said:

“Yeah I think we do in the attic,” David relayed.

They went to Charlie’s attic and found film reels of family vacations, then:

“All of a sudden we started seeing 1938 Longview versus Marshall,” David said.

And then there was a box.

“All the box said was one-half game, Longview versus Wichita Falls,” David stated.

And it was film reels to the 1937 State Championship game.

“The exciting news to Longview Lobos fans is that we have the entire second half of the 1937 state championship game at the Cotton Bowl, January 25,” Davis revealed.

And now it’s on DVD thanks to the LISD audiovisual department. And it’s more than just the game there’s:

“The band, the Lobo band is in there in the 1930s. How did they march? How did the cheerleaders look, and the football players play? It’s just really exciting to see the styles of the 1930s,” David added.

The next mystery they hope to solve is: Who shot the films?

There will be a viewing of the 1937 state championship game at the LISD Athletic Office Green Room at 201 East Hawkins Parkway Tuesday night at 7 pm. DVDs are available at the Lobo Store for 20 dollars each. Proceeds will benefit the LISD Foundation.

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