East Texas Ag News: Controlling algae in pond farms

East Texas Ag News: Controlling algae in pond farms

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Algae is a common and annually occurring weed in our ponds.

Recently in the national news, there was a lot of talk about the blue-green algae and the toxicity that it could have.

Angelina County extension agents say if you find algae floating in your pond, don’t be too alarmed too quickly.

You should be able to determine if the algae is the rare, toxic kind or a common non-toxic kind just by looking at the colors.

If you’re in doubt with your algae send pictures to your local county extension agent or an aquatic specialist. Whether it’s toxic or not, algae can be safely and effectively controlled with algaecides containing copper.

These products are not harmful to livestock, pets, irrigation water, fish or even other weedy vegetation in your pond

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