Downtown Nacogdoches to host first-ever regional Art Fest weekend

Downtown Nacogdoches to host first-ever regional Art Fest weekend

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Artists and artisans from Nacogdoches and from all over the state will be featured during the city’s first Art Fest in downtown Nacogdoches this weekend.

Saturday’s event is a venue for busy artists who sometimes forget or don’t have a place to show off their creations.

“I start out with something and all of a sudden it looks like it would really be happier being something else, I’m going with the something else," said Sharon Robinson.

Robinson is one of 50 artists and artisans set to show off her creations at Art Fest. Like so many artists, Sharon's brain is wired more for creativity than marketing.

“You can be the artist or you can be the shopkeeper and it’s very hard to separate those two things,” Robinson noted.

Crystal Hicks is wanting Art Fest to be the answer to bringing art off the shelf and before the public.

“We want to showcase those people because there are not many outlets for that," Hicks said. "We have beautiful galleries, but we’ve got all these other people with no place to showcase their work.”

Artists representing so many different mediums responded.

“We have people coming in from Tyler and Dallas and Houston," Hicks explained. "I know we’re going to have at least one 15-foot sculpture. We’ve got furniture makers. It’s really going to run the gamut from small jewelry to really big pieces.”

And Robinson is ready to meet her audience.

“It feels so good to just put it out there and we’ll see what happens. I want people to see what I do," Robinson said.

Art Fest Nacogdoches will run Saturday, Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the downtown square. The event is family-friendly and free to the public, and will include live music performances, kid-friendly activities, art, and artist demonstrations.

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