Dry shampoo can explodes, destroying Missouri woman’s car

Her mother wants to use this as a warning to others: Don’t leave aerosol cans in hot cars.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVI/CNN) - At first a woman didn’t know what happened when she saw a big hole in the sunroof of her daughter’s car and glass everywhere.

“We were all shocked. We had no idea what happened. We thought something fell from the sky or something like that," Christine Debrecht said.

Her husband first noticed the damaged to the car, and when they got a look inside at the charred mess, they still didn’t have answers.

“It looked like a tornado hit the inside of the car," Debrecht said.

They noticed white residue all over the inside of the vehicle and realized: It was dry shampoo. They found the can 50-feet away with the bottom piece blown out.

They are thankful the situation wasn’t worse.

“If that had happened when she gotten in the car after work, or gotten in the car to go somewhere, the glass itself would have been devastating," Debrecht said.

She said the explosion was so powerful that it blew the center console off its hinges, sending the lid through the sunroof.

Debrecht’s 19-year-old daughter bought the car just months ago, using her own hard-earned money to afford a hefty down payment.

“Terribly upset. She looked hard for a car she wanted and could afford and it’s a real sporty Honda Civic hatchback and she was so thrilled about it, and she’s just heartbroken," Debrecht said.

Debrecht is relieved her daughter wasn’t hurt, but now, she wants others to know just how dangerous aerosol cans can be when they’re left in a hot car.

“I just want moms and kids to know this product they might be carrying could be dangerous and to not keep it in their car," she said.

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