(Literally) check out Longview library’s baking pans

(Literally) check out Longview library’s baking pans
Library pans available for checkout. (Source: KLTV)

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - When someone says the word, library most people don’t immediately think “baking”, unless maybe they’re looking for a cookbook. But the Longview Public Library wants to change that by letting people check out bakeware.

They are neatly stacked by reference, just for your reference, and are bagged and ready for people to check out: baking pans. Cassie Burford, Technical Services Supervisor at the Longview Library says she’s heard larger libraries check out lots of things.

“Sewing machines, carpentry equipment, grills ... so we’re attempting our library things; we’re going to start with something simple,” Burford said.

She thinks the reasoning for it is sound; people might want to try baking but may be thinking:

“That looks fun to make but I’m not sure I want to invest a small fortune in the equipment,” Burford surmised.

And, depending on how well the pans are checked out they may eventually expand into:

“Stand mixers and things like that to add to it. But, you know, a decent cake pan; a pair of them for a cake, nine inch square, can run you thirty, forty dollars for the pair,” Burford said.

The pans were purchased by the library, and there is presently a collection of fifteen bags.

“Bags may have one or two pans depending on their purpose. We tried to put two cake pans in a bag, but there might only be one cookie sheet,” Burford revealed.

And think about it, you wouldn’t want to check out a smeary, sticky book. Same goes for the pans. They come in as clean as when they went out or there’s a fine, and:

“When they are returned they must be brought back into the building and handed to a staff member. They cannot be put in a book drop. If they’re put in a book drop the patron who checked them out will be fined,” Burford explained.

And the pans will eventually come in contact with:

“Wheat, soy, milk, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts; and patrons should be cautious when using the pans especially when someone in their home has a severe allergy,” Burford added.

I asked if I could check out a Jet Ski, you know, just to try it out, but unfortunately they don’t have those right now.

The Longview Library will also soon put out a selection of holiday pans that were donated by a library employee who said they were taking up too much room. They will have fall, Christmas and Easter themes.

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