Changes ahead for the 2020 ACT

Test Changes

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) -Starting next school year, there will be a new option for students taking the ACT test. Instead of trying to boost scores by re-taking the test students will be able to choose individual sections.

For the first time ever, students who have already taken the exam will be able to take an individual section at a prorated fee, according to ACT officials.

Shana Steele is the Lead Counselor at Robert E. Lee High School. She tells KLTV, “We have kids who have severe test anxiety and we have kids that have strengths and weaknesses. So, to be able to just retake a certain subject to bring their score up and not jeopardize the other sections is wonderful.”

The ACT is a college entrance exam divided into five sections including math, English, reading, science, and an optional writing section.

Steele believes the new changes will improve students’ scores.

We don’t want them to take it just one time because statistically their score will raise the more times, they take it. So, if we can push them to take it, and then take it again in just that certain section, I think their scores will raise significantly,” explains Steele.

Soon, students will also be given the option to take the ACT online, those who take the test multiple times, will be provided a “Superscore”, that calculates their highest possible score, according to the testing company.

Unfortunately, sometimes when you take the whole test you score in certain subjects might go down. So, if you can just pick, I’m retaking science or I’m retaking math and my awesome English score stays the same this is just amazing.

Steele says this is a game changer for students wanting to improve their college admission chances.

It’s almost like they have to sell themselves to colleges now. They have to be a complete package and this testing portion is a huge part of that package,” explains Steele.

Plus, she says it will take a huge weight off the shoulders of her students.

"I think it would really help me because I didn’t do as well in math because I didn’t remember geometry that well so I think that would be very beneficial to people like me,” says Chloe Rivera, Junior, Robert E. Lee High School.

My English section was lower than my other scores. So, in the future for kids like me who took the whole test and scored high on the science and math, but low the English. So, to be able to take just that one section and bring up their score which is great,” says Saachi Dalel, Senior, Robert E. Lee High School.

Gus Cantarero is a senior at Robert E. Lee High School. Although Cantarero has not taken the test yet, he thinks he will do better because of the new changes.

I’m not a great test taker so that means I have to put a lot of time in to studying for that subject or for test. Hopefully by just being able to retake the section of the test I won’t have much anxiety,” says Cantarero.

ACT research from 2016 showed that people who retook the test scored an average of nearly three points higher than those who didn’t. The maximum score on the act is 36.

The price for a section re-test hasn’t been set yet—but folks at ACT say it will be cheaper than retaking the whole thing.

Students will be allowed to retake up to three individual portions of the test at a time, according to ACT officials.

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