City of Nacogdoches addresses complaints about Suddenlink service interruptions, billing

City of Nacogdoches addresses complaints about Suddenlink service interruptions, billing

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The City of Nacogdoches has addressed numerous complaints from residents about a change in their Suddenlink cable service.

Suddenlink has begun the process of upgrading its billing and entering a transition of new ownership. The company has released a statement, addressing the service issues that have happened along the way.

“With the aim of creating a simpler experience for our customers, we’ve upgraded our Suddenlink billing platform, which will make account management more streamlined and user-friendly, among other customer benefits. As a result of this upgrade, there have been brief delays in accessing customer accounts and other billing systems. For those customers whose service was interrupted due to this issue, we have since processed their correct billing information and restored service. We greatly appreciate our customers’ patience during that time.”

Some customers have complained to the city, the cable company’s franchisee, about service interruptions and billing issues. The city’s communication director addresses residents’ concerns through a social media post on its Facebook page and the city’s website.

“You get to, of course, be a liaison, if you will, with the company, and we have local connections that can help people when they’re having issues,” said Amy Mahaffey, communications director with the City of Nacogdoches.

“We knew that they were doing a migration of their system since they were purchased by [Altice USA], which is a different company. So, they’re kind of trying to combine their systems.”

Through the effort, residents have complained about service interruptions and billing issues, Mahaffey said.

“They have admitted to us, and we totally understand, it’s an ambitious project that will be worth it in the end,” she explained. “But of course, right now there are some little hiccups happening.”

The city decided to address concerns to give customers an avenue to contact them if they’re unable to get through to Suddenlink customer service.

Mahaffey added that it’s given the city, as the franchisee, an opportunity to help better explain the issues the company is facing to customers as a neutral second party.

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