Commissioners extend Angelina County deputy’s benefits

Commissioners extend Angelina County deputy’s benefits

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County Commissioners extended benefits for a sheriff’s deputy who’s been off-duty since he was severely hurt in a July wreck.

Lieutenant Stacy Seymore was involved in a two-vehicle wreck on July 25 on Highway 69 North, just north of Zavalla.

Seymore suffered broken ribs, a broken left foot, and fractures to his right foot. The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene.

“It’s been hard because I’m a very active person, and now I’m not,” Seymore said.

He remembers the wreck like it was yesterday.

“I was responding to a disturbance call involving possible weapons, and I look up, and I see a guy in my lane. I said, ‘What is he doing?’ and I could not hit him head-on, so I said, ‘I will run out through the ditch and hopefully keep from rolling this thing,’ and when I went, he went,” Seymore said.

Since then, he has endured five surgeries on his feet.

“As good as expected. And I’ve still got a long road ahead of me,” Seymore said.

His journey of recovery includes having health coverage and benefits since the accident.

“So far I haven’t had to pay out anything. Worker’s comp is taking care of everything. They did send a $59,643 helicopter bill to my house but worker’s comp took care of that. I opened that, and I was, ‘What the world?’” Seymore said.

The commissioners approved funding for Seymore’s health insurance and full salary until he’s fully recovered and able to return to work.

“You can’t take something away from him because there was a freak accident. He’s not in the wrong. We have to take care of him.,” said Greg Harrison, the precinct 1 commissioner.

Seymore said in about a month’s time he can start physical therapy and slowly begin walking again.

“Won’t have the stress of worrying about whether or not I’m going to have to start paying an extreme premium for my health insurance which could go through your savings," Seymore said.

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