Saturday Weather At Your Fingertips

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Good Morning, East Texas! Here’s the weather where you live: It is going to be a bright and sunny day today with temperatures starting in the low 40s and climbing to the mid-60s. Overnight we will cool to the low 50s. Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy and rainy. Most of the wet weather that we are going to see will be light, off and on showers but don’t be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder and flashes of lighting. The clouds and showers will carry over into Monday as well. A cold front will pass through on Tuesday, bringing with it widespread showers and isolated thundershowers. Once the cold front moves through it will sweep away most of the cloud cover and rain leaving us with low 70 and partly sunny skies for both Wednesday and Thursday. We will warm back to the low 80s on Friday and keep partly sunny skies.

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