Alto ISD librarian starts mobile library to bring books to students

Alto ISD librarian starts mobile library to bring books to students

ALTO, Texas (KTRE) - A librarian with Alto ISD has started a mobile library.

Jayanna Davis said the school district’s library was unaffected by the tornadoes in April, but a few weeks later, rain caused pools of water to flow in to the library.

Davis said that caused a lot of damage to the library. So she and a team packed the library up in boxes, removed the carpet and covered the shelves following the damage.

Davis said she started the mobile library as a result to bring books to the students.

“When we got to the end of the summer, and I realized that the library wasn’t going to be repaired quickly enough for us to start school, I tried to think of what could I do to get the books to the students,” Davis said.

She said through donations they were able to purchase four to six carts and more books. She turned the carts into a mobile library.

“We have a limited amount of space, so there’s not another room for me to put the books in so I just decided to take the books to the students. If they could not come to me, I would go to them,” Davis said.

The 18-year-veteran librarian said her entire library with almost 10,000 books are packed in boxes and stored away.

Davis said initially the library was unscathed from the tornadoes, but it was the rain that did more damage weeks later.

“The roof had been compromised during the tornado and it caused flooding. And the flooding started happening in the library and it of course start affecting the walls the bookshelves, books,” Davis said.

Her bare library is now a place filled with storage items, but Davis said she just wants to provide resources to students.

“Hopes and prayers for the library to be put back together this year so we can get on with our business of going to school and reading books,” Davis said.

The district is hoping to have the library rebuilt by January.

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