Voters will decide amendments to state Constitution

Voters will decide amendments to state Constitution

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - On the ballot this year, voters will get to decide on 10 state propositions.

Those 10 are proposed constitutional amendments. If passed, the amendments will make changes to Texas Constitution.

Angelina County Tax Assessor Billie Page explains Proposition 3.

“It’s just a protection that will be there in place for the next disaster," Page said.

Since January this year, Governor Greg Abbott has made five disaster declarations ranging from drought to flooding. Two of those disasters included the tornadoes that hit Cherokee and San Augustine counties.

Page said under current law, taxes are due preventing government officials to make exemptions especially following a disaster.

“Taxes were due as they were presented. And then when (Hurricane) Harvey happened that they had so much burden already and this was I believe the legislators way of trying to take care of of the people. Because there wasn’t anything on the books to give them legal relief,” Page said.

Proposotion 3 could make an exemption ranging anywhere from 15 to 100 percent depending on the amount of property damage in an area declared as a disaster by the governor.

The proposition says it would be up to local governments to choose whether to adopt the temporary exemption and determine how long the exemption would last.

Another proposition involves municipal judges. It allows them to hold more than one office at the same time.

“Elected judges on the other hand have not been able to preside in more than one municipality at a time and Proposition 1 I believe kind of closes that loophole,” said Julie Alston, a municipal judge.

If passed, Proposition 1 would make it easier for smaller municipalities to fill empty judge seats.

The rest of the proportions from the League of Women Voters in Texas.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

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