Pat Mahomes gives update on son’s injury

Pat Mahomes gives update on son’s injury
We met up with Patrick Mahomes's father who gave us the latest on his injury. (Source: KLTV)

TYLER, TEXAS (KLTV) - It’s been a week since Patrick Mahomes dislocated his kneecap during the game against the Broncos.

At the time, the timetable of his return ranged from four to six weeks. However, after the MRI showed no extra damage, it’s more likely he’ll be missing only three games.

His father, Pat Mahomes, gave an update about his son’s recovery Thursday morning.

“Well he’s doing good, you know. The MRI came back and it’s as good as it possibly could. He didn’t have any ligament damage or anything like that, so now it’s just a time of getting rest,” said Pat. “He [Patrick] says he hasn’t had any swelling, he’s not in any pain. He’s pretty tough so, you know, we’ll just have to see what happens.”

The former Major Leaguer was at the game in Kansas City, in the endzone, when the injury happened. When he saw that Patrick wasn’t getting up, he knew right away that something wasn’t right.

Pat says his son is in good spirits and feels like everything will be alright. The franchise quarterback is already back at practice, making throws. And there’s even talk that he may be playing versus Green Bay on Sunday.

However, his father would like that Patrick doesn’t play.

“Well I mean, hopefully, he won’t’ be on the field. But, you know, it’s the scenario, that if he’s feeling good and doctors clear him and everybody feels there’s not that big of a risk, that could be a possibility. But Dad would like it if you didn’t play.”

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