Whitehouse Wildcats receive Week 8 game ball

Red Zone Game Ball of the Week 10/25/19

WHITEHOUSE, TEXAS (KLTV) - The Whitehouse Wildcats received the Week 8 Red Zone Game Ball.

“(It was) an unbelievable job by these young men. They fight for four quarters every single game,” said Whitehouse Head Football Coach Marcus Gold.

The team’s close-knit bonds are likely a factor in their success.

“I think they have a great bond,” Gold said. “You see that in practice ... It starts in the locker room every day. We have great senior leadership in this group right now.”

When asked how he keeps his team motivated, Gold said he draws his inspiration from the team.

“It’s how they get me motivated. They show up every day and work hard. They’re a great bunch of kids to work with here.”

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