Tiny trick-or-treaters celebrate Halloween in the N.I.C.U.

Tiny trick-or-treaters celebrate Halloween in the N.I.C.U.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - East Texas’s tiniest trick-or-treaters and their families are not able to celebrate Halloween outside of the neonatal intensive care unit this year.

So, the Christus Trinity Mother Frances nursing team had an idea to brighten up their families’ spirits during such a difficult time.

The Justice League slept silently in the NICU this morning. 22 tiny babies were transformed into classic characters to celebrate their first Halloween during their first few days in the world.

“Never do they plan to come to the intensive care unit, especially during the holidays. They want to be at home showing their baby off to their family and it’s really hard when they are here and they have all of the wires and they are limited to who can come and visit, so it’s really important they have that normalcy during the holidays,” registered nurse Rachel Davis says.

Of course, there is nothing normal about a child who’s hooked up to wires and tubes, but for at least one day, these parents can see their baby blanketed in something a little more hopeful.

“Just knowing how much that they really care, taking time in their personal life, doing this for our children, helping us to feel a little more normal,” parents Rebecca and Grant Jordy say.

The Jordy’s delivered their little girl on Sunday; unfortunately, Clarabeth was born with a respiratory problem but with prayers and good spirits, she’s improving.

“We are very happy to say, as of this morning, they took her completely off of the oxygen so yay on that,” Jordy says.

Christus Trinity Mother Frances also plans to celebrate Christmas with these babies in a festive way, in a similar way as they did today.

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