High school students, first responders welcome Chapel Hill student home from hospital

Chapel Hill students line Highway 64 to welcome graduate home from the hospital

Hedricks Home

CHAPEL HILL, Texas (KLTV) - On Thursday, Chris Hedricks came home after spending three months in the hospital recovering from a car accident-- one that doctors thought he would not recover from at all.

“He shouldn’t have made it out of the E.R. for 48 hours," said family friend, Dianne Pruitt. "It’s miraculous. There is no other word for it.”

This afternoon, the Chapel Hill High School graduate came home to something special.

Chapel Hill High School students lined the side of the road as Chris’ family, escorted by Arp Police and Fire and the Chapel Hill Fire Department, drove down Highway 64 in front of the school.

“That’s what Chapel Hill is about,” said Principal William Houff. "We’re a community school. We pull it together when there is a time of need, and this is a time of need.”

Pruitt, who planned the homecoming, said that Chris was excited to see the warm welcome the high school gave him.

“When we got there, and we slowed down and were able to see everyone, he smiled and waved,” she said. "[He] was just so loving and grateful.”

With hand-painted signs and smiles, Chapel Hill High School students showed their classmate that they’re happy he is home.

“We just want him to know that we love him," said Houff. "We are thankful that he’s here and that if he needs us moving forward, the Chapel Hill community is still here behind him.”

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