Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes will start Sunday against Tennessee Titans

Kansas City Chiefs: Mahomes will start Sunday against Tennessee Titans
Patrick Mahomes (Source: Kansas City Chiefs)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KLTV) - Just three weeks after he injured his knee in the Chiefs’ 30-6 win over the Denver Broncos, Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes is set to start at quarterback Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

The Kansas City Chiefs tweeted the big news Friday, and the NFL’s Twitter page shared it.

“I’m in a good spot,” Mahomes said in an ESPN.com story. “I’m ready to get out there.”

According to the ESPN.com story, Mahomes has not missed a practice since he was injured. However, he returned as a full participant earlier this week.

“I knew I had a chance once I talked to those doctors, and they said as long as I was functioning well, moving well, I could play this week,” Mahomes said in the ESPN.com article. “Coach [Andy] Reid still wanted me to take it day by day. I went out here in practice and took the reps, and I haven’t had any pain or any setbacks, and so as long as we keep going with that, I’m glad to be back out there.”

Mahomes suffered a dislocated knee in a pileup near the goal line in the game against the Denver Broncos on Oct. 17, according to the Associated Press. The Chiefs rallied after Mahomes’ injury and snapped their two-game losing streak.

During the game, Mahomes completed 10 of 11 passes for 76 yards and a touchdown before he got hurt, according to the Associated Press.

Mahomes is the reigning NFL MVP. Back in October, the former Texas Tech football standout was named the AFC Offensive Player of the Month.

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