Trinity County sheriff showcases arrest, drug seizure on social media

Trinity County sheriff showcases arrest, drug seizure on social media
Two were in arrested in Trinity County in what appears to be a traffic stop. (Source: Trinity County Sheriff's Office)

TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace used social media to show what kind of drug activity was going on in his jurisdiction.

“That ain’t very nice, Mike, you’re live on Facebook!” Wallace was shown saying to a man in handcuffs who was scowling at the camera.

“This was what they’re selling to your kids, folks,” Wallace said on Facebook Live as he pulled a baggie of drugs out of a bag. “Drugs that look like candy.”

Methy situation!

Posted by Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

“Some meth, Ecstasy pills, everything you need to be a dope dealer,” Wallace said while one of his investigators continued to go through the bag.

Wallace titled the video “Methy situation!”

After going through the front seat of a car, a deputy pulls a pistol.

“Aren’t you a felon?” Wallace said. “You can’t be in possession of a firearm! I can do federal charges on you, you’ll really like that. Keep talking your smack and we’ll see about getting some feds down here and you can do some state time, then some fed time, and that’s day for day! How would you like that?"

“Well, this ought to be a warning to all the dope dealers,” Wallace said in the video. “I wouldn’t come to Trinity County cause we’re going to catch you.”

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