First responders give Nacogdoches health science students up-close look at potential careers

First responders give Nacogdoches health science students up-close look at potential careers

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Several emergency response crews from Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Crockett set aside time Friday to visit with high school students who may end up working in the same field after graduation.

Nacogdoches High School held Emergency Services Day to provide health science students with an up-close look at potential careers in the field.

Members of the Nacogdoches Fire Department, EMS, PHI Med 11 of Lufkin, and Air Rescue 2 of Crockett set up outside of the high school to give students a closer look at the tools that help save lives every day.

“This visit will give our health science students a chance to experience a connection and gain a better understanding of the emergency medical services that are provided by each department,” said Coy L. Van Valkenburgh, NHS Health Science Instructor. “Our students and staff are extremely excited about this opportunity.”

Nacogdoches High School tenth grader Blake Goerner is on the path to becoming a flight nurse.

“I thought being in the air and helping people at the same time would be pretty cool,” said Goerner who was inspired by a pilot brother-in-law and the desire to help others.

Lufkin base manager for PHI Air Medical, Dewitt Bradley says the first requirement is dedication.

“It’s a lot of study and a lot of hard work to get this job. To me, it’s the best job there is,” Bradley told a group of students.

If the approximately 200 health science students at NHS apply the advice they can get a head start in the employment field.

“We start them out as freshmen and then they go all the way up to their senior year where they have the opportunity to actually come out with a certification to help them start working in the field," explained Van Valkenburgh.

Blake plans to earn a nursing assistant certification as he pursues his ultimate career goal.

“I’ll get my nursing degree and practice for a few years in the ICU and hopefully be a flight nurse.”

A wide field of emergency services are available. They’re good jobs and most of all, they provide a community service. The sky’s the limit on where health sciences can take these students.

The agencies also held demonstrations for students.

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