Grand jury finds ‘no criminal wrongdoing’ in death of jail inmate

Grand jury finds ‘no criminal wrongdoing’ in death of jail inmate
Andrew Haffert

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) - A Nacogdoches grand jury decided that there was no criminal wrongdoing regarding the April 29 death of a jail inmate who allegedly got into a scuffle with jail staffers, according to a spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office.

Andrew Jones, a prosecutor with the Nacogdoches County District Attorney’s Office, said that the case was presented to the grand jury on Nov. 1.

“Presumably, there was no finding of criminal culpability as no indictment was issued out of that grand jury session for this incident,” Jones said.

Medical staff who conducted the autopsy on Andrew Haffert, 31, told the Texas Rangers who are investigating his death that he had an enlarged heart, and he had PCP in his system at the time of his death, according to the custodial death report.

The report stated that the final autopsy results, including the manner of Haffert’s death, are still pending. The means of death is listed as “unknown” in the report.

The summary section of the custodial death report stated that Nacogdoches police officers arrested Haffert on felony charges, including burglary with the intent to commit another felony, a little after midnight on April 29.

“Haffert was accused of shooting his neighbor, and the police department had a standoff with the subject,” the summary stated. “The subject was taken into custody by NPD and transported to the Nacogdoches County Jail. Upon arrival at the jail, Haffert was cooperative with jail staff and did not complain of any medical needs.”

After the jail staff did a pre-book of Haffert, he was put in Holding Cell 1. While Haffert was in the holding cell, he was seen trying to destroy the surveillance camera in his cell at about 6:30 a.m. He allegedly attempted to pull the metal away from the side of the camera to tear it apart and was bleeding slightly, the summary stated.

“Several jailers arrived at the jail cell and observed that Haffert appeared to be very agitated and upset,” the summary stated.

When the jailers opened the door to the holding cell, Haffert, who was 6-foot-2 inches tall and about 240 pounds, allegedly charged toward them. Briefly, the jailers were able to get Haffert on the ground inside the holding cell, the summary stated.

“Inmate Haffert is a large man that jail staff has had problems with during past incarcerations,” the summary stated. “Jail staff was able to get Inmate Haffert out of the holding cell and into the corridor and was attempting to secure him. This went on for several minutes.”

According to the custodial death report’s summary, jailers used OC spray and JPX on Haffert, but the measures did not affect him. At that point, two Nacogdoches County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the holding cell to help the jailers try to restrain Haffert.

One NCSO deputy did a “dry stun” on Haffert with his taser, the summary stated.

“During the course of restraining Haffert, he had a medical emergency and jail staff could not tell if he was breathing,” the summary stated. “Jail staff started CPR and applied the AED to Haffert.”

The report stated that jailers noticed that Haffert had a pulse, and they continued to perform CPR on him until EMS personnel arrived at the jail and took over.

Haffert was then taken to Nacogdoches Memorial Center, where the emergency room doctor pronounced him dead at 7:38 a.m., the summary stated.

The Texas Rangers were notified, and two Rangers started an investigation into Haffert’s in-custody death, the custodial death report stated.

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