Homeowner guns down would-be robber with his own weapon, police say

Homeowner guns down would-be robber with his own weapon, police say
A would-be robber was shot and killed with his own gun by Houston homeowner, police said. (Source: Houston Police Department)

HOUSTON (Gray News) - Police expect a grand jury to decide the fate of a Houston homeowner who took the life of a would-be robber in his garage.

The homeowner had music playing while doing some work in his garage on Tuesday when a man approached him, officers told KRIV. The man pulled out two handguns and tried to rob the homeowner, but they ended up fighting, police said.

During the bout, the homeowner wrestled away one of the weapons and opened fire on the suspect, police said.

Authorities transported the unidentified suspect to an area hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

“Normally in this type of incident, we collect all of the information, contact the district attorney,” Lt. Larry Crowson said. "Normally, it’s referred to the district attorney’s office, and then they refer it to the grand jury; grand jury will make a decision on whether it was a justified shooting or not.”

Investigators are still trying to determine if the homeowner knew the suspect. They spoke with him at the scene and ended up taking him to police headquarters for additional questioning.

Authorities recovered two guns and found several shell casings inside the garage. Even so, that only left them left them with more questions.

“This is two different calibers out there. We don’t know who shot first or anything like that. We are still investigating that," Officer Erik Rossow said.

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