Florida man demands less money during bank robbery, deputies say

Florida man demands less money during bank robbery, deputies say
Seventy-three-year-old Sandy Hawkins wore a "Make America Great Again" shirt when he took $1,100 from a Wells Fargo on Monday, deputies said. (Source: Palm Beach County Jail)

BOCA RATON, Fla. (Gray News) - Deputies in Palm Beach County said Sandy Hawkins could have walked out of Wells Fargo this week with $2,000, but he settled for less.

Apparently, $1,100 was plenty for the 73-year-old robbery suspect.

An arrest report reviewed by The Palm Beach Post said Hawkins walked into the bank Monday sporting a “Make America Great Again” shirt and asked the teller for $1,100. The teller, in turn, asked Hawkins for his debit card, not realizing Hawkins’ alleged intent to rob the place.

The teller told deputies Hawkins stuck his hand in his waistband, said he had a weapon and that this was a robbery. Investigators later learned there was no weapon involved.

Authorities said the teller handed Hawkins $2,000, but Hawkins rejected it because he only wanted the specified amount. The teller said he counted out 11 $100 bills and gave it to Hawkins, who then left.

The next day, investigators reviewed footage from the bank’s security cameras. They took images to the surrounding businesses, hoping that someone could identify the suspect.

They caught a bit of luck when they got to Turn 3, a sports bar in the same shopping strip as the bank. The bar’s manager identified the suspect as Sandy Hawkins, who had reportedly become a regular patron at the establishment.

The manager’s father directed law enforcement to Hawkins’ home, not far from the strip mall. Half an hour later, they were knocking on his door.

Deputies said Hawkins told them he’d “make this easy.” They said he pulled out a wrinkled-up deposit slip with a handwritten message on the back: “Give me $1,100 now. No alarms. Hope to get caught.”

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