Typewriter poet pounds out poems in 20 minutes

Typewriter poet pounds out poems in 20 minutes

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Brigette Kozash is a typewriter poet from Nacogdoches. Give her a word and she’ll pound out a poem for you in about 20 minutes. Love poems are popular requests, but so are orders for best friends, animals, places, and feelings.

The click-clack of a typewriter isn't heard too often these days.

For typewriter poet Brigette Kozash, the sound is poetry to the ear.

It works this way.

“Just come up to me and give me a word or a phrase or a person you want it to be for and tell me about them, and I’ll write you a poem,” Kozash explained.

The poetry starts with a thought, a hesitation, and then a creative spark.

“I usually do about 10-25 lines, and it takes me from anywhere five to fifteen minutes,” the legal assistant/poet said.

Kozash still writes in longhand and on the computer. It helps for a monthly poetry and art collection she co-founded called “Conscience,” as well as an independent publication of her works titled “Black and White."

However, an antique Remington Quiet-Riter, a machine that’s way before this 23-year old’s time, is her pride and joy.

“I love this thing,” Kozash said with a chuckle.

The affection comes from the spontaneity.

"People write differently than they do on a piece of paper or on their computer for sure,” said the poet who has been writing since she was a teen. “It's very improv. Improve is going to be different and more raw. Not as refined or edited."

East Texas News placed an order. The title, “East Texas New."

WEBXTRA: Typewriter poet

“It’s a good poem. I can read it to you if you like. OK, cool. Let me take it out,” as the typewriter carriage made that distinctive ratcheting sound.

Kozash read, “There’s a sense of community deep in our Pineywoods, and if given the opportunity, every story will be told.”

Fortunately, typewriter poet Brigette Kozash let her story be told concluding with ...

“So open yourself to our live and thriving town, and you’ll see soon enough your purpose will be found," she said.

Listen to the poem in its entirety in a companion post on ktre.com

Kozash is taking commissions for poems this holiday season. She can be reached through The Bosslight, a bookstore in downtown Nacogdoches where poetry readings are held the first Thursday of each month.

Also, she can be reached on Facebook and at fb.com/consciousthezine

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