Groups join together to help clean area on Angelina River

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NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - The East Texas Jeep Club and Nacogdoches Beautiful Clean joined efforts to clean two remote areas in Nacogdoches County along the Angelina River.

Trash Pickup Angelina River

The East Texas Jeep Club is right at home on the backroads of Nacogdoches County. The muddier the better they say. They take note when litter is spotted. This morning, members returned to a couple of sites to do something about it.

One is the Shawnee River Bottom. The other is the Tram, called that as timber was floated down the Angelina in the early days to be loaded up on rail cars.

Now both are popular undeveloped boat launching areas to the Angelina River.

“When we came to scout this was the much more littered area here," said volunteer Ray Mitchum of the club’s first stop at the Tram.

Volunteers quickly open up garbage bags and grab litter pickup tongs.

“The area is very remote. There are no dumpsters. There are no utilities out here," said Mitchum while explaining why the area is so littered.

Between the empty water bottles and beer cans, there’s no telling what a volunteer will find.

"Anybody want an armadillo head?" said a volunteer. The question brought a very enthusiastic, “I want to see,” from a little girl helping out.

"Our goal today is, we would like to pick up 500 pounds," said Mitchum.

Something easily attainable, especially when a couch and old recliners are found. A total of 780 pounds of trash filled a trailer hauled to the site.

Keep Nacogdoches Beautiful was thrilled when the jeepers offered to help clean up the Angelina River banks.

"What happens is it rains and then it floods and it takes all of the litter and garbage and it pulls it back into the water,” explained KNB’s director Katie Rudisill. “It becomes a bigger issue and more difficult to get to once that happens. So, if we can stop it here on the bank, it will save a whole lot."

Rudisill said Keep Texas Beautiful wants its members to include cleaner waterways on their goal list.

It's a simple rule to follow. If you pack it in, pack it out.

The practice is followed by the East Texas Jeep Club and KNB members. They just want everyone else to follow the rule.

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