Preparations underway in Nacogdoches County for 2020 elections

Preparations underway in Nacogdoches County for 2020 elections

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Most people are thinking about Christmas and the holidays. Election administrators have their minds on preparing for the 2020 elections.

There are boxes in Todd Stallings' election office. None have anything to do with holiday giving.

After cutting one open, Stallings reveals that thousands of mail-in ballot envelopes have arrived. They're for a primary election that administrator Todd Stallings wants voters to mark on their calendars.

“The next big election is the primary which is March 3. Early voting will start for that on Tuesday, Feb. 18, and it is the first day of early voting if you want to vote in person," Stallings reminded.

An increasing number of eligible voters are utilizing mail-in ballots, but they need to ask for them.

“You can go ahead and start asking for those vote-by-mail forms,” Stallings said. “It used to be just a couple of hundred, and now we’re doing a couple of thousand mail ballots for these big elections each time.”

Big may be an understatement for the interest in the 2020 election.

“Growth over the last four years has been extraordinary. We’ve seen 5,600 new voters added to our voter roll and that’s not particularly unique to Nacogdoches. The whole state has seen a huge increase,” Stallings noted.

Consequently, Stallings will be sending out more voter registration cards than ever before.

“We do this every two years. Every election office in the state does it. You may have noticed that your old voter card is about to expire. Well, you’ll be getting a new orange and white one probably mid- to late-December. So, be watching for those in the mail,” Stallings advised.

Voter interest will lead to additional volunteer deputy registrars, additional polling sites in November and the need for more ballots. They’re all areas that will keep Stallings busy prior to each election.

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