WEBXTRA: SFA’s Nathan Bain returns from CNN Heroes award show

SFA’s Nathan Bain returns from CNN Heroes award show

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - It has been a busy week for SFA basketball player Nathan Bain.

On Friday, he was with his team at the University of Alabama for a basketball game. The team then rushed home and was part of the annual Nine Flags Christmas Parade in Nacogdoches. On Sunday, Bain was in New York for the yearly CNN Heroes award show and then returned home for practice and finals week.

The annual award show is put on to honor ordinary people doing amazing things in their communities. Bain was given a special recognition by CNN host Anderson Cooper for the GoFundMe Page that SFA has set up to help Bain’s family and community in the Bahamas. Bain’s father is a pastor in the Bahamas and Hurrican Dorian destroyed their home, church, and school.

The donation page has gone viral following Bain’s buzzer winning shot over Duke earlier this month.

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