Jacksonville students honored for quick thinking, life-saving actions

Jacksonville students honored for quick thinking, life-saving actions

JACKSONVILLE, Texas (KLTV) - The City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Fire Department honored two students for “quick thinking and springing into action to help others” at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Jacksonville Mayor Randy Gorham praised the heroic acts of the two Jacksonvile ISD students. 7th grader Olivia Boggs and freshman Ta’Kveria Montgomery were honored by the ciy and the fire department at the city council meeting. Both received recognition and plaques from the fire department for springing into action and helping saving lives.

These two girls are heroes, everyone agreed.

Olivia said that when there was an emergency on the school bus due to the driver having a medical episode and hitting a guardrail, “I calmed the younger children down,” she recalls.

The school district says she stepped up, took a leadership role in checking on the driver along with taking it upon herself to reassure the other children. Although Olivia was scared herself, she managed to put that aside to ensure everyone was calm until help arrived.

The second student, Ta’Kyeria Montgomery, saw her science teacher was not feeling well. “I went and got help,” Ta’Kyeria says. Her teacher, Jan Gowin, also known as the “pie lady” at her family’s Sadler’s Restaurant, needed immediate medical attention one day at school. Ta’Kyeria realized something was wrong and ran to get a nearby teacher and medical help for Gowin. That early treatment led to a successful rehabilitation after stroke for Mrs. Gowin, and she has returned to the classroom, the district says.

This holiday season the city of Jacksonville can be proud of these young people.

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