East Texas Ag News: Wild hogs encroach into increasingly urbanized areas

East Texas Ag News

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Wild pigs cause more than 52 million dollars in agricultural damage in Texas each year.

That’s according to an AgriLife extension wildlife specialist.

One of the biggest problems these wild pigs cause landowners and municipalities is their encroachment into increasingly urbanized areas. Our state’s wild pig population was 2 point 6 million after a study in 2012, but not now experts estimate their numbers have reached at least 3 million.

Damage from the pigs has been reported in nearly all 254 Texas counties. As human and wild pig populations continue to increase in Texas, wildlife specialists say interactions in urban-suburban areas will likely continue.\

There are also more public health and safety concerns as the wild pigs make their way into more populated areas.

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