Angelina County Election Administration receives approval to purchase voting equipment

Sticker showing voter registration.
Sticker showing voter registration.(ktre)
Published: Dec. 23, 2019 at 6:12 PM CST
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Angelina County, Texas (KTRE) - Today in Commissioners Court, the Angelina County Elections Administration received approval to move forward with the purchasing of five DS200 tabulators and ten E-poll books.

The newly purchased equipment will be implemented in five new polling locations to help make the voting process go more smoothly. Three locations have been approved and will use the equipment in the primary election.

“We think this is going to benefit the voters as far as taking some of the pressure off of where these other, where these locations were originally. Added into another precinct, and we will implement all five in the general election in 2020,” said Connie Brown, election administrator.

Brown said once a precinct exceeds the 500 registered voters, they have to add locations to help with traffic.

“We can put two or three precincts together but if one precinct exceeds the 500 registered voters than we have to separate them out and split them off, and then set up new polling locations,” said Brown.

They are strongly encouraging early voting.

“We’re gonna promote early voting this year. We promote it every year," said Brown. "But early voting this year I think is going to be very important, helping those long lines during the election day. So we’re just saying, ‘Vote early.’”

The three new locations include precinct seven at Life Point Church, precinct nine and thirteen at First Christian Church, and precinct eleven at Thomas Crossing Pentecostal.

Hopefully, you will see less traffic when you go to vote, thanks to the newly added equipment and locations.

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