Angelina County Sheriff’s Office investigating explosion that damaged Caver Rd.

Angelina County Sheriff’s Office investigating explosion that damaged Caver Rd.
An Angelina County Sheriff's Office deputy shines his light on the large hole that someone blew into Caver Road. (Source: Angelina County Sheriff's Office Facebook page)

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - After numerous Angelina County residents reported hearing a loud boom Saturday night, the sheriff’s office looked into the incident and found that someone had used an explosive called Tannerite to blow a large hole in Caver Road.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches posted a video update on the incident on the ACSO Facebook page late Saturday.

Update on the “loud boom” causing road damage on Caver Road. We are taking this serious.

Posted by Greg Sanches on Saturday, January 11, 2020

“We wanted to let everyone know that this is serious business,” Sanches said. “You could get charges filed on you for this sort of thing. It is considered disorderly conduct.”

Sanches added that the damage to public property will result in another criminal charge if the person responsible is caught.

A previous post stated that the sheriff’s office received numerous 911 calls about a “loud boom.” Sanches said that several people told the sheriff’s office that the boom shook their houses.

When a deputy went out to investigate, he found a large hole on Caver Road between FM 58 and FM 326.

Sanches said in addition to the criminal charges, the person who set off the Tannerite could also face civil consequences if someone had any health issues because of the loud boom, or animals like horses got loose and ran away because of it.

“The ACSO has publicly warned about exploding Tannerite or any other device that sets off a loud boom causing an alarm and damages to public property,” the previous Facebook post stated. “The ACSO will file charges.”

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