Former Rusk resident returns to help with cleanup

Former Rusk resident returns to help with cleanup

RUSK, Texas (KTRE) - Clean up efforts across East Texas continue following Friday night’s storm. Residents just north of Rusk, Texas spent the day cleaning up and restoring property.

Wade Odom used to live next door to Chuck Gabbert, and when he received a call that the storm had hit, he made his way to Rusk.

“He didn’t know how bad it was because it hit about midnight, and it wasn’t until daylight that we’ve seen just how bad it is,” said Odom.

Gabbert does not have insurance, is living on a fixed income, and has no family.

“He’s lost probably, I’d say, three buildings,” said Odom. “Barn, couple of outbuildings, the roof off his house, knocked the windows out of two of his vehicles.”

He also lost what could have been a temporary place to stay.

“He lost his RV which would have been a backup place to stay,” Odom said. “A lot of damage, a lot, a lot of clean up has got to be done.”

They have been working since this morning.

“We’ve been working to clear trees off of cars and off fences,” Odom said. “A cow got its back broke when a tree landed on it. Just trying to get the fences back up so he can work things.”

There’s still lots to be done in order to get Gabbert back to living in his home safely.

“The house has damage, and the roof needs repairing, and it’s just one of those things you just gotta take one step at a time I guess,” Odom said.

The National Weather Service’s office in Shreveport said that they are hoping to make it to Rusk Monday to determine the exact cause of the damage.

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