Grand Saline ISD announces Joe Drennon as new Athletic Director, Head Football Coach

Grand Saline ISD announces Joe Drennon as new Athletic Director and Head Football Coach

GRAND SALINE, Texas (KLTV) - Grand Saline ISD has announced Joe Drennon as the new Athletic Director and Head Football Coach for the district.

According to a press release, Drennon brings much experience to Grand Saline ISD having been successful at multiple East Texas schools including Liberty-Eylau, Texas High School, and Mildred ISD. He also served at Mineola ISD for nine years and in 2016 won the Class 3A Division 1 State Football Championship. His most recent position has been at Hallsville ISD Class 5A.

The press release said Coach Drennon stated his philosophy of athletics as this, “The combination of athletics and academics can be a tremendous experience in a young person’s life. A sound, wholesome athletic program will offer involvement to all students as participants, support groups, or spectators. It will also serve the community by providing entertainment and by establishing a common ground of interest and pride in the local school district. It is important to see athletics as a part of the total educational process. It should both contribute to and compliment the overall educational process. To many students it is the most effective climate for learning the invaluable lessons of personal integrity, determination, self-confidence, proper mental attitude, individual and group responsibilities, and achievements of high goals.”

The release said Coach Drennon will be a great asset for Grand Saline ISD and a wonderful role model for students.

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