Lufkin Fire Department’s upcoming plans to restructure may save city some cash

Lufkin Fire Department’s upcoming plans to restructure may save city some cash

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The City of Lufkin recently had a survey conducted which showed the demand for more firefighters and fewer supervisors. Fire Chief Jesse Moody outlined the ways the Lufkin Fire Department will be restructured.

Moody says this is in an effort to still have fire investigations and building inspections performed, while keeping more people on the streets to perform ambulance and fire calls.

“We perform fire inspections on city businesses, hospitals and foster homes, all alike,” Chief Moody says. “The object of those inspections is to prevent a fire from starting and to keep people from losing their lives in a fire.”

According to Chief Moody, five staffing positions have been created. The fire department is hoping to clear enough manpower where they can staff enough ambulance for the first 12 hours of the day, because that is when the most ambulance calls are made.

“Then we will divide up that crew at night and put them in fire houses, so they are able to fight fires at night. The fires we encounter at night are further involved than fires we have during the day,” Chief Moody says.

Chief Moody explained how the citizens in the community will be saving money through this process. He says that instead of paying for just a captain position, the department requested a captain with a firefighter.

“We are striving to meet the city’s needs,” Chief Moody says. “We’re trying to make everything more efficient, more effective and surer that someone is always there as quickly as possible.”

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