Witch bottle artifact found on Virginia interstate

(WRIC/CNN) - An artifact found at a Civil War site in Virginia could be what was known as a “witch bottle,” used to ward off evil spirits.

Archaeologists found the artifact on an archaeological site in Williamsburg in 2016.

The witch bottle is made of blue glass and filled with rusted nails.

Years later, they learned that it could hold more of a story than archaeologists initially thought.

Joe Jones, the Director at William & Mary Center for Archaeological Research, said when set next to a fireplace, it warded off evil spirits.

The artifact was found under layers of clay dating back to the Civil War era.

"Putting the nails and the personal effects in a bottle next to a fireplace … the heat of the fire heats up the iron in the nails and, in some way, that entraps the evil spirits."

Jones said it’s a good example how one singular artifact can speak volumes.

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