Police report details incident in Amarillo with suspect nearly 9 years before Odessa mass shooting

Police report details incident in Amarillo with suspect nearly 9 years before Odessa mass shooting
Seth Ator, 36 (Source: Texas DPS Photo)

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) - A police report obtained by NewsChannel 10 from the Amarillo Police Department details an incident with the suspect in the Odessa and Midland mass shooting that happened eight years before the shooting.

On February 7 of 2011, Amarillo police responded to 6037 Ward for a mental health call.

Police spoke with Seth Aaron Ator’s mother, Debra Sue Warren, who said Ator had been displaying paranoid tendencies.

The report says, “he is becoming delusional, believing in government conspiracies. He is believing that the government is working with his family to spy on him by use of the television, radio, and anything electronic in the house. It is this belief that has led Seth to go around the house, and unplug all the electrical appliances in the house.”

The police report discusses a recorded conversation Warren had with her son in which he “threatened that if the police were called, that he was to use a ‘shotty,' indicative of a shotgun."

The report says he then goes on to tell his mother she would be kneeling in front of a coffin the next time she sees him if she were to call the police.

Several weeks prior to the call, the report says he told his mother he had Teflon bullets for his gun. Those bullets are believed to pierce body armor or bullet proof vests.

His mother also told police he was planning to end his life by suicide by police.

While responding to the call, one officer found a double-edged machete in the box springs of Ator’s bed.

His mother then showed officers to the backyard where he had been spending time in a shed. Police searched the shed and found a large hole dug into the ground, which appeared to be a shelter.

The report says this shelter indicated a planned stand-off with police.

An officer who spoke with Ator that day reported a “weird feeling” while speaking to him. The officer said, “He began to get a look in his eye and I began to fear that he may try to attack me from the patrol car.”

Police were able to detain Ator and transfer him to Northwest Texas Healthcare System for a mental health evaluation.

The Pavilion eventually admitted him for mental health treatment.

Police reports also state that an alert had been placed on Ator due to a pending charge of arson against the Post Office earlier that evening.

No criminal charges were filed regarding this incident.

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