The Art Exchange in Nacogdoches closing

The Art Exchange in Nacogdoches closing

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -The Art Exchange in downtown Nacogdoches is closing. Shoppers and art lovers will have an opportunity to buy original works of art, antiques, restaurant supplies, and other items this week.

The downtown space at Main and Church Street provides a spot for art created by mostly East Texas artists. It’s a bittersweet time for owner Peggy Fare.

“And this one is the chili peppers," said Mayor Shelley Brophy, Fare’s daughter, as she pulled out a large watercolor.

The subject matter was a still life for Fare and what Mayor Shelley Brophy, a former restaurant owner and caterer, may have cooked with.

"People ate my art and they get to hang her's on the wall,” said Brophy that brought shared laughter between a mother and daughter.

They share creative talents. By the end of the week, Fare will learn from her daughter how to graciously close a business.

"This is a retirement (for Fare) and my business closed because it sold and became another business,” explained Brophy. And then turning to her mother she said, “Being retired is exciting because it's a job well done and you can feel very proud of yourself for what you have given Nacogdoches."

For thirty years Peggy Fare would walk through a door to eagerly share the East Texas art world with visitors.

"I enjoyed it. It was something I looked forward going to every day," said Fare.

The Art Exchange on Main Street has been Fare’s place of business for 7 years. Space was unselfishly shared with other artists for a modest fee.

"I feel that people have a choice of the type art they want and the expression of it," expressed Fare.

Fare's self-portrait allows time to stand still, but in real life that doesn't happen. So, the ladies are planning a big sale for the end of the week. Fare's art and that by friends will be sold.

And the mayor will offer an extensive collection of kitchenware.

Brophy is now serving the city in other ways. And Fare will continue to teach at a gallery across the street. And with a brush of luck, paint as long as she has the desire.

s Owner Peggy Fare would provide space for the artists to display and sell their work. She also taught art lessons from the building that she’s leased for seven years.

The ladies, along with Fare’s other daughter, Allison, will host a two-day sale from the Art Exchange on Friday and Saturday, January 31 and February 1.

Fare will have original art and prints of original art by herself and other artists. Store fixtures, antiques, worktables, and collectibles will be for sale.

Mayor Brophy will have lots of items from her restaurant, including a good selection from her cookbook collection, décor, cooking supplies, china, glassware, and catering items will be on display.

Prices on many items will be reduced. The sale will be 8-4 at The Art Exchange, located at 400 East Main. Cash or check only.

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