TEAM LUKE: Tim Siegel reflects on Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl win

TEAM LUKE: Tim Siegel reflects on Mahomes' Super Bowl win

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) -The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV and now the Siegel family is proud of their favorite player on the team, Patrick Mahomes.

Luke Siegel suffered a serious brain injury in a golf cart crash in July 2015 in Lubbock. His story has garnered a lot of attention through his dad, Tim Siegel, who set up the non-profit Team Luke Hope for Minds, and Patrick Mahomes is one of its biggest supporters.

Last night, the Siegels watched from a chair in Luke’s room as the quarterback won his first Super Bowl Championship, cheering on the man who has cheered for them.

"It's our special time and we'll talk about sports, but sometimes I just talk to Luke,” said Tim Siegel. “This has replaced throwing the baseball and the football. It’s what we did everyday.”

They watched the whole game together.

“I sat here for three plus hours and didn’t move and watched this game. Usually, I give a play-by-play, but I couldn’t do it because last night he was sleeping, but at the very end of the game, I said, 'Luke, the Chiefs won’ and he opened his eyes and then closed them again.”

Tim is a former Texas Tech Tennis coach of 23 years. It’s through his work there, they were able to meet Mahomes, who Siegel and Luke would always watch at practice before Luke’s accident.

"He’s a really good person,” said Siegel of Mahomes.

Mahomes never takes off his “Team Luke Hope for Minds” bracelet. Siegel said a couple of weeks ago Mahomes asked for a new bracelet when his broke.

“You know, I’m watching the game, but there are times when someone will send me a picture and I’ll notice it but I certainly noticed it when he had his hands covering his ears so that he could hear the play from the coach and you could see “Team Luke” clear as day.”

For the Siegels, Mahomes wearing the bracelet is a reminder that someone is always pushing for their cause, “Team Luke Hope for Minds”, which helps other families whose members suffer from head injuries.

Tim says every time he sees Patrick wearing his Team Luke Hope for Minds bracelet, it tugs at his heart strings and it gives him inspiration to never give up.

“I’m in this room with Luke sleeping and there are moments when I just wonder how I can keep going, but I’ll never quit because Luke never quits and I also feel now that I have a calling, a responsibility. My passion now is to help other families like ours."

For more information on where you can buy a bracelet or learn more information on the non-profit, go to

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