Angelina College hosts annual Black History Month art exhibit

Angelina College hosts annual Black History Month art exhibit

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Angelina College Visual Arts Department is hosting its annual art exhibit to highlight key figures and moments that shaped black history. Campus instructor, Benetha Jackson, let us know about her favorite pieces and how this exhibit impacts the community.

“Just to see how Lufkin is growing, changing and booming,” Jackson says. “It’s a good place to start would be to come and see this exhibit."

The black history art exhibit has been a part of the community for the past 10 years. Most of the pieces displayed were created by local, East Texan artists.

“I love Dwight Gipson’s piece where there’s a little boy with his hand on his head and he’s in grey. It’s almost like the modern-day thinker,” Jackson says.

She enjoys seeing the work of other local artists, like Karen Christopher and Blake Bean also.

“There are two pictures of Martin Luther King and both are fantastic. One of them is done by our own Angelina College student,” Jackson explains. “But the one with the black background, if you stand away from it, it looks like a photograph. It looks like it’s going to step off the page. Gary Roberts, when he draws, it’s all pastel. It’s like he evokes life into the piece."

From unforgettable speeches to young poets, black history was being recorded in many ways. But the beauty of art is that it can tell a story and evoke emotion at the same time-- it needs no words.

“If you look at the art that is in the exhibit, they're talking about some of the most important things like ‘the first kiss’. They are talking about ‘the great protest’ too,” Jackson says. “Just everyday life. You can say a thousand things with a single picture."

According to Jackson, art plays an important part of not only black history-- but for everyone to make connections and learn more about each other in the community.

“People are more than welcome to come and see these wonderful artists that we didn't even know existed in this community. It's awesome to see what type of work they are doing,” Jackson says.

The black history month art exhibition at Angelina College is open to the public through February 27th.

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