Garrison ISD $12-million bond proposal designed to bring new high school for Bulldogs

Garrison ISD $12-million bond proposal designed to bring new high school for Bulldogs

GARRISON, Texas (KTRE) -Garrison ISD has a $12-million bond proposal for a new high school and multi-purpose facility. The seven-member board is expected to support the proposal 100 percent. The measure could go to voters as early as May.

The school district is concerned with student safety because of where the building is located.

Garrison High School is right on Highway 59. Motorists zoom by barely noticing the home of the Garrison bulldogs.

Superintendent Reid Spivey says safety is a good reason to build a new high school.

“The entrance to our high school is just 60-feet off of Highway 59. And so that is a concern with the trucks and the dangerous chemicals."

Close calls have happened with 18-wheelers.

"It (18-wheeler) took out two cars here in our parking lot,” said Spivey.

If passed, a $12-million bond will be used to construct a new $5.5 to 6.8 million high school in a safer environment.

“The main goal is try and move the high school back off the road, whether that be a two-story building back here on land that we currently have or the adjacent property that we are trying to purchase."

Just over 200 students are learning in a facility built in 1969, well before Spivey and board president Bart Reneau attended Garrison High.

“When I was in school, back in the ’80s, this was our lunchroom,” said Reneau of a small multi-purpose room. The bond proposal would include a multi-purpose facility.

“The acoustics would be better for band concerts,” said Reneau.

And include the replacement of a gymnasium, currently plagued with creaky floors. Dirt floors are found under the bleachers.

"We're under the impression the dirt or the foundation has shifted just a little bit under the floor," said Spivey.

Classrooms are spread across three buildings making it necessary for a city street to be closed during school hours. The goal is to have students learning primarily under one roof. And along the way improve, "Technology. If one word comes to mind it's technology," said Reneau.

The tax rate will climb from $1.06 to $1.38 if the bond passes. The last bond in 2007 failed. This time there’s no organized opposition and numerous community meetings attempted to get taxpayers on board.

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