Huntington’s Andrew Culpepper signs with Bethany College

Huntington’s Andrew Culpepper signs with Bethany College

HUNTINGTON, Texas (KTRE) - Huntington’s Culpepper inks his name with Bethany College.

Andrew Culpepper has been a building block for the Huntington football program. For four years, he has contributed to the varsity team and the past two saw the most success in program history with the team making it to the playoffs in 2018 and 2019, the only two appearances in school history.

Culpepper will be playing college football at Bethany College, a school in Kansas that competes at the NAIA level.

There is a good chance Culpepper could see playing time as a freshman.

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“There is a good chance I could start,” Culpepper said. “I am just excited to play. I am excited to represent the school that I love. I am excited to represent my hometown. We don’t have a history like that here in Huntington. I am excited I get to play football more.”

Huntington head coach Josh Colvert said Culpepper is a special talent that is being overlooked and thinks he will use it to his advantage.

“He is a skilled offensive lineman,” Colvert said. “He has the skills to play at the highest level. I think they are getting a steal. I think he is a kid that is really more geared to a DII or smaller 1-A program but I think his lack of exposure coming out of Huntington wasn’t recruited as heavily as his talent said he should have been.”

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